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HGH Scams-Hoaxes-Hijinxes

Multiple Scams: Unfortunately the Human Growth Hormone industry is large, unregulated, and full of unscrupulous characters. There are over 300 companies selling human growth hormone and we know of only 20-30 competent, legitimate, dealers. That gives the everyday consumer about an 85% chance of getting ripped off!

Many selling products called "hgh" obscure their ingredients because they contain no growth hormone. Some of these same people who know that homeopathic sprays are the "real deal" take their non human growth hormone containing pills, crush them up, liquify them, and put them in a spray bottle! Then there are some that actually do sell real human growth hormone in non-homeopathic form, over-the-counter, and are outright breaking the law by doing so. We never know what they are going to think of next! I apologize for the "underside" of the industry and hope that you can make your way safely through the mine fields.

The Nanograms Hoax: Any website touting "strength," "more potent," "purer," or "nanograms" is totally hyping you. These claims are very misleading and inappropriate for homeopathic growth products for three reasons:

1) "More is better." No it's not! In homeopathy, it is well known that this is not the case. The effectiveness of homeopathic formulations in your body is not dependent upon how much of an active ingredient is present in a formula. The goal of each homeopathic product is to include ingredients in the concentrations that will best stimulate your body. In many cases, the most effective concentrations to ignite your body's response is a higher dilution. Thus, the most effective dilution of a homeopathic ingredient may be very dilute. In truth, "more is worse."

There is no such thing as a "purer," "stronger," "better," or "more potent" human growth hormone dosage. All of us legitimate companies use exactly the same dosage because that's the dosage that all the studies have shown to work the best in the human body. "More" doesn't work as well, and "less" doesn't work as well. Some companies may add a little bit of female-this or male-that, some add a bit of caffeine to make the consumer "feel a jolt," but all of this is just cute, little, extra sales techniques.

Bottom Line: When it comes to the safe, gentle, homeopathic human growth hormone spray, "Hgh 30X" is what we all sell. Find a company that sells it at a reasonable price, with a fast shipping department, and a full money back guarantee.

2) A Nanogram is 1 billionth of a gram. So the 100 to 1,000 nanograms of growth hormone claimed by various companies are, in fact, very close to nothing at all in terms of actual, non-homeopathic, growth hormone content. As an example, Dr. Rudman, in his landmark study on human growth hormone in adults, administered doses of 2,750,000 nanograms per dose.

All homeopathic preparations are basically the same. In clinical studies, a homeopathic dilution of 30X to be the most effective dilution of human growth hormone. At 30X, the growth hormone has been serially diluted 30 times.

3) It is ILLEGAL to sell non-homeopathic human growth hormone without a prescription. Non-homeopathic human growth hormone is a federally regulated drug and can not be sold over the counter. Non-homeopathic human growth hormone is described in "nanograms. " Any company claiming to sell hgh, described in nanograms, over the counter, without a prescription is breaking the law! The FDA has closed down many companies selling non-homeopathic human growth hormone. Our lab is FDA approved and we are specifically told by FDA inspectors NOT to describe our product in "nanograms." So we don't, and you'll find all legitimate companies will not either

The "Hgh Molecule is too large to be absorbed under the tongue" hijinx: If you took undiluted, non-homeopathic human growth hormone, the kind that is prescribed and injected into the system, and dropped it under your tongue, this would be true. But that ignores "homeopathic" in the phrase "homeopathic human growth hormone oral spray." The homeopathic dilution process plus the inclusion of alcohol in the product breaks down the molecular structure of Human Growth Hormone so that Hgh 30X CAN enter the body through the oral mucosa. This is the only way that any company has found to effectively administer Human Growth Hormone sublingually.

Protect Yourself from scams, hoaxes, and hijinxes: If you follow the following tips you can work your way safely through the Hgh, Human Growth Hormone industry. Good Luck!

  1. Search for ingredients. If they are non-existent or hidden the vendor probably doesn't want you to realize there is no human growth hormone in their product. These vendors market their products using the words: Releaser, Precursor, Secretagogues, and Stacked Aminos.

  2. Make sure the ingredients include "hgh." Some sprays are liquefied forms of "hgh" that contain no human growth hormone (see #1 above).
  3. Leave web sites as soon as you see the word "Nanogram." They are illegal human growth hormone operations.
  4. Companies using FDA approved labs are another level of certainty and security.
  5. Look for a fast shipping department, a human growth hormone company that will fulfill (actually having your shipment in the mail) your order within 24-48 hours.
  6. All legitimate companies back their products with a full, money-back, no questions asked, guarantee.

How to know for certain if any over-the-counter product is FDA approved: I've seen websites that proudly proclaim, "Our lab follows all the practices set forth by the FDA." But are they actually FDA Approved? No. Do they go through the rigorous inspections the FDA requires periodically? No. Do they contain a lot # and expiration date on each of their bottles? No. They just follow "all the practices set forth by the FDA" if you take their word for it. But you can know for sure if an HGH product is coming out of a truly FDA approved lab.

The FDA demands that all of its approved labs put a "lot #" and "exp" date stamped right on the bottle. This number and date will look slightly different than the rest of the labeling fonts since it is put on the label after the Human Growth Hormone product is filled into the bottle.

The FDA requires that the shelf life of whatever you buy is right on the bottle. The lot # is the specific "batch" that was created at the lab. Every time a batch of, say, 10,000 bottles of 21st Century Hgh is made, 10-20 bottles of that specific batch are held back and stored at the lab. If anyone claims to get sick from the product and sues the manufacturer they can go back to that specific lot #, randomly select one of the bottles, and test the product. Since each bottle is sealed in a tamper proof wrap, the lab and retailer are protected.

Both of these things, the lot # and the expiration date, are demanded by the FDA. You'll see them at the drugstore on aspirin, eye drops, anything sold over-the-counter by an FDA approved lab. Every new batch of our Human Growth Hormone contains a unique lot # and expiration date. So, if you want to know if an Hgh Dealer is FDA Approved just ask them if a lot # and expiration date is printed on their label!

PayPal (owned by eBay)- A payment platform for thieves: Although there are many legitimate businesses who use PayPal as a payment processing company, it's also particularly ideal for unscrupulous merchants. You can easily set up an account, recieve payments in virtually every possible form, and when the scam goes down you are perfectly protected by PayPal's User Agreement. For these reasons I no longer deal with ANY company that uses PayPal.

Here's what happened to me. I purchased marketing software for $149.00 and never received it. The seller did not respond to phone messages or e-mails. I disputed the charge through PayPal and after a two week investigation they wrote, "Our investigation has determined that the seller is at fault, and as a result we have attempted to recover your funds. $13.42 has been credited to your account." Then they told me how much they appreciated my business and directed me through a link to "security tips" that would help me avoid losing $135.58 again in the future. Wasn't that nice of them?

When I responded to the great news that they were able to recover $13.42 of the $149.00 "Ruth" (don't you just love it when you get first names only!) at Executive Escalations wrote back giving me the link to report the Seller to the FBI (proving their internal policy is not to report any of their thieving merchants on their own). She also gave me a link to their User Agreement, https://www.paypal.com/bcp, and repeated the mantra, "However, please understand that, as outlined in our User Agreement, PayPal does not guarantee recovery of disputed funds."

I used Discover Card to make the PayPal purchase and their dispute department was quite at the ready to inform me that PayPal's User Agreement protects Discover Card and PayPal quite completely. I cancelled both accounts because this is exactly what gives internet merchandising a bad name. If the companies that facilitate business on the internet protect themselves first and the consumer last, then they are killing the goose that is laying the golden egg. Consumers, through time, will gravitate to those companies that protect the consumer first. That's why I use CCNow for payment processing in all 8 of my websites. Sometimes they are a hassle to deal with but the reasons for those hassles almost always have to do with security protecting the consumer. Our opinion, NEVER PATRONIZE ANY VENDOR USING PAYPAL!

There are many websites that deal with how PayPal is mucking up the online merchandising industry. Horror stories abound at: http://paypalsuit.com. Another informative site is: http://www.paypalsucks.com. Paypalwarning.com states, "WARNING: Your PayPal account can be frozen at any time, without advance notice leaving you without your money for weeks (if not forever), and there isn't much you can do about it. Paypal is currently being investigated by regulatory authorities in three states!" Caveat Emptor! Buyer Beware!


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