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Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone Oral Spray
Benefits and FAQs


HGH - Human Growth Hormone Oral Spray
-- Muscle mass increase without increased exercise
-- Decrease in fat without change in diet or habits
-- Enhanced sexual performance
-- Increased cardiac output
-- Better kidney function
-- Increased HDL, with a decrease in LDL cholesterol
-- Faster wound healing
-- Hair re-growth
-- Mood elevation
-- Improve sleep
-- Enhances activities of all other hormones
-- Improves diet
-- Regeneration in growth of heart, liver, kidney
-- Increase in immune functions
-- Increase in exercise performance
-- Decrease in blood pressure
-- Develops stronger bones
-- Younger and thicker skin
-- Removes wrinkles
-- Increase memory retention
-- Decrease menopausal symptoms


Q: How long will one bottle of your spray last?
A: Our one ounce hgh product lasts 4-6 weeks. The dosage is two sprays under the tongue, three times per day.

Q: Does your production process follow FDA guidelines?
A: We are one of only a few Hgh vendors whose labs are "FDA Approved" adhering to all of their procedures, requirements, and inspections.

Q: Why do so many hgh supplement vendors make it so hard to find the ingredients on their websites?
A: They don't want you to discover that their "hgh product" contains absolutely no hgh growth hormone! We list our ingredients on every page.

Active Ingredients: Human Growth Hormone 30X, Pituitarum 30X, Liver extract 3X.
Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water USP, Alcohol 20%v/v.

Warning: Other companies claiming to be selling "Hgh" do not contain any Hgh. Ask for their ingredients before you buy hgh!

We are proud to be a Spam Free vendor!
We use no e-mail campaigns to market our product and respect your privacy.


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